White House: There are ‘no unanswered questions’ about Susan Rice’s Benghazi statements

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White House Press Secretary Jay Carney insisted that “there are no unanswered questions” about Susan Rice’s series of statements about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

Carney insisted that Rice used talking points that were provided to her by the intelligence community, and had no role in diminishing the role of Al-Queda’s role in the attacks.

“Those questions have been answered,” Carney repeated.

Carney criticized Republicans for their “obsession” over Sec. Rice’s Sunday show Benghazi comments asserting that it was “misplaced.”

“The focus on – some might say obsession – on comments made on Sunday shows, seems to me and to many to be misplaced,” Carney said, reminding reporters that as a U.N. Ambassador Rice had no role in gathering or collecting intelligence.

Carney added that the Sunday talk shows “have exalted status in Washington” but have a limited role in public policy.






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