Obama wants Redskins' RG3 on his basketball team

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He's either smart, or scared, or both, but President Obama has put out word that he wants star rookie Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III on his pick-up basketball team, not the opponent's.

RG3 reveals that the president wouldn't take his challenge to a game of basketball, and instead suggested the two play on the same side.

What's more, in an interview with Yahoo News, RG3 even suggested a two-on-two game: Obama and Griffin versus All American Baylor graduate Brittney Griner and first lady Michelle Obama.

Here's the basketball breakout from the Yahoo interview just received at the Secrets desk:

Yahoo News: Any politicians in D.C. you would like to meet?

RG3: I've met the [D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray] and I've met President Obama. Other than that, it's good for now. We'll see what politicians I can meet in the off season.

YN: What did you and President Obama talk about when you met him?

RG3: I met him at the National Prayer Breakfast after I won the Heisman. He just talked about how good of a player I was and I challenged him to game of basketball. He said he wouldn't play me but I could play on his team.

YN: Do you think Obama will ever change his mind and play against you?

YG3: I don't think he'll ever play against me. We'll have it me and him versus [All American Baylor graduate] Brittney Griner and Mrs. Obama.