Dr. Dre is world's highest paid musician

Katy DeLuca,Buzz

$110 million: How much money rapper Dr. Dre made in 2012, making him the world's highest paid musician, according to Forbes. Dre released a new album in 2012, "Detox," but he still makes money off his older albums as well as his successful line of headphones. Here's the rest of the top 10:

2: $88 million: Roger Waters

3: $80 million: Elton John

4: $78 million: U2

5: $69 million: Take That

6: $60 million: Bon Jovi

7: $58 million: Britney Spears

8: $57 million: Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift (tie)

10: $55 million: Justin Bieber, Toby Keith (tie)

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