Talking Points: Mitt Romney, Gitmo, the Grand Canyon

Talking Points

Where is Mitt Romney working now?

The vanquished Republican presidential nominee, who lunched at the White House on Thursday with President Obama, has set up shop at Solamere Capital, a Boston-based venture capital firm co-founded by his son Tagg and his campaign finance chairman, Spender Zwick, the Associated Press reported. Romney, himself a former venture capitalist, won't be working for his son. He is simply subletting office space from which he can manage his personal affairs.

Will Guantanamo Bay prison ever be closed?

Congress in 2009 derailed President Obama's plan to close the prison at Guantanamo and move nearly 170 suspected terrorists detained there to U.S. prisons. But a new government study, made public Thursday, concludes that Guantanamo could be closed and its detainees easily absorbed into military and federal prisons inside the U.S. There are already 373 prisoners serving time on terrorist charges in 98 U.S. prisons, the report noted.

How old is the Grand Canyon?

Scientists have for more than a century believed that the canyon was carved by the Colorado River about 5 million to 6 million years ago. But a new study published by the journal Science disputes that theory. Researchers using new dating technologies now say the 277-mile canyon is about 70 million years old, old enough to have been trod by dinosaurs. And it was more likely carved by an ancient river flowing in the opposite direction of the Colorado, they said.

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