Gallup: Occupy Wall Street failed

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Only 55 percent of Democrats believe the economy benefits when big businesses make profits, while 1 in 5 Democrats think it actually hurts the economy, according to a new poll.

“Eighty-three percent of Republicans — in contrast to 55% of Democrats and 59% of independents — say the economy benefits when big businesses make a profit,” Gallup reports. Nineteen percent of Democrats think that, when big businesses make money, the economy suffers; just 9 percent of Republicans say the same.

Americans as a whole broadly agree that the economy benefits when businesses (big or small) make profits, although only 64 percent have that positive view of big business profits compared to 84 percent who regard small business profits favorably.

Small businesses are more popular than big businesses, but Gallup has one takeaway: Occupy Wall Street failed.

“Importantly, the public’s views on this are virtually unchanged from January 2010, spanning the emergence of the Occupy Wall Street movement,” the pollster notes. “To the extent there is public concern about corporate profits being harmful, it is greater among nonwhites, college nongraduates, those in households earning less than $24,000 per year, and — potentially important for the future — adults under age 30, although even among these groups it is the minority view.”

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