Supporters of legalized marijuana thank Ron Paul, Pat Robertson and Chris Christie for support

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The Drug Policy Alliance ran a full page ad this morning thanking Colorado and Washington voters for legalizing marijuana in their state – a victory in their campaign to end the ‘War on Drugs.’ The Alliance promotes drug policy reform including the end of “Prohibition” of drug use.

The ad thanked politicians of both parties for their help for raising awareness for their beliefs – including Pat Robertson, Gov. Chris Christie R-N.J., and Congressman Ron Paul R-Texas.

“We’d also like to thank: President Bill Clinton for acknowledging the drug war’s futility and failure; President Jimmy Carter and Pat Robertson for saying it’s time to legalize marijuana; Governor Christie for calling the drug war a failure and Governor Cuomo for working to end New York’s racially discriminatory marijuana arrest crusade; Congressmen Ron Paul and Barney Frank for introducing the first bill to end federal marijuana prohibition,” the ad read.

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