Redskins email report excerpt: Baldinger likes ‘Skins

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Let’s get this out of the way first: he likes the Redskins in Sunday’s game vs. Dallas. Brian Baldinger, who has broadcast a number of Redskins games this season on the radio and who hosts the NFL Network’s Playbook show, has several reasons why.

Robert Griffin [III] is a hell of a player,” Baldinger said for my email report. “He’s an accurate thrower and they’re a different offense when Pierre Garcon is in. He can really finish plays. I like the fact that they take care of the ball and that they finally have a good field goal kicker.

“They’re not a great defense but they are good against the run and Jim Haslett is dialing up blitzes like he never dialed them up before.”

That doesn’t mean the Redskins don’t have things to worry about. Receiver Dez Bryant has been fantastic in the second half of the season, with 808 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns in the past seven games. And, in the last eight games, quarterback Tony Romo has thrown 17 touchdowns to only three interceptions (two coming vs. Washington).

“His arm is as good as anybody’s in the league,” Baldinger said of Romo. “And there comes a point where, when you have these great receivers, the quarterback just trusts you that, ‘If I throw the ball up, you’re going to go get it.’ There’s a great deal of trust in these guys to do that now.”

Baldinger said the Cowboys are using more play-action passes and he likes how they align Dez Bryant, putting him on the other side of the formation away from the fake. It gives him more room to work against the coverage.

“Even though they don’t run the ball, the misnomer in the league is you have to be a good running team for play action to work,” he said. “Defensive players are taught to read their keys. When they see the line come off with low hats and play-action and putting the ball in the belly of DeMarco Murray, their first is to stop the run.”

Baldinger also talks about how the Redskins should attack Dallas’ offense, especially its line. And what the Redskins can expect from the Cowboys’ defense. To read more, subscribe to the free email report.

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