Crime History: Hawaiian boxer killed after socialite beaten, raped

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On this day, Jan. 8, in 1932, Hawaiian prizefighter Joseph Kahahawai was killed by vigilantes after the gang rape of the daughter of a socially prominent couple.

Thalia Massie, 21, who was born in Washington, had been abducted from a Japanese tea house in Honolulu and was found wandering a highway, beaten with a broken jaw.

Kahahawai, 20, denied his involvement and was released on bail. Shortly after he left the courthouse, he was found shot dead in the back of a car belonging to Massie's mother.

Massie's husband, mother and two Navy sailors were represented by the legendary Clarence Darrow but were convicted of manslaughter. Their 10-year sentences were commuted to one hour by the governor of Hawaii.

- Scott McCabe

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