Quite a comeback in Dallas

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Sometimes it is just better for big brother to keep his mouth shut.

No one would question the importance of the Cowboys to Dallas, where football is a religion. They exist in that rarified air of the Lakers and the Yankees, among other elite, powerful franchises in American professional sports. So it was a serious cheap shot when the team's official Twitter feed had this to say about the return of the NHL after a long lockout.

"Similarly in the category of nobody-cares...the NHL is back!"

Oops. The Dallas Stars may not be among the league's elite franchises. But they do have a nice history and have generated a presence for the sport in Texas. Their big moment? When longtime captain Mike Modano helped lift the club to the 1999 Stanley Cup. Presumably remembering Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo -- No. ?9, of course -- fell short in a season-ending loss to the Redskins, the Stars responded via Twitter: "At least our No. 9 got the job done."

The accompanying picture of Modano lifting the cup with his No.?9 plainly visible provided the epic comeback. Sometimes little brother wins.

- Brian McNally

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