Talking Points: Twinkie culture, toxic soup bowls, working cats

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What do Twinkies have to do with 9/11?

The famous cakes are featured in a work by artist Nancy Peppin with the 9/11 catch phrase "Never Forget" and a date referring to the day Twinkie-maker Hostess announced it was closing. Pippin uses Twinkies, which she calls the "ultimate American food icon" in quirky artwork about culture. Her "Twinkies in history series," portrays how scientists such as John James Audubon, Charles Darwin and Leonardo da Vinci would have sketched and written about Twinkies.

What is the risk posed by eating hot soup?

Researchers found that bowls containing melamine, the chemical that killed infants in a milk-formula scandal in China in 2008, can release the compound if they are used to serve hot food. Volunteers who ate hot noodles from melamine bowls rather than ceramic bowls had six times more melamine in their urine when tested less that 12 hours later, according to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

How does a Kentucky stray cat program help farmers?

Working Cats, an adoption program for outdoor cats at the Kentucky Humane Society, matches farmers and others who need rodent protection with outdoor cats that wouldn't necessarily make good house pets. Having the spayed or neutered cats around also helps keep away other nuisance animals like skunks.

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