Piers Morgan doesn’t like Michelle Obama’s bangs

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If you watched any television coverage of the Presidential Inauguration, you would have heard countless accolades from the media about First Lady Michelle Obama’s new bangs.

Leave it to Piers Morgan to buck the trend, as during the Inaugural Ball he informed viewers that he didn’t like the bangs.

“Is it compulsory you have to like the bangs?” asked Morgan, “Because I’m not convinced.”

When CNN’s Erin Burnett reacted, Morgan added that “you can’t dislike anything the First Lady wears, including her hair, because she’s so beautiful. But I’m not a big fan of the bangs.”

Burnett declared that although she wasn’t usually a fan of bangs, the First Lady pulled them off.

“She looks great. Not sure about the bangs,” Morgan added with a chuckle. “Sorry.”

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