Police won't file charges against Rep. Moran's son

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Arlington County police said Thursday they won't file charges against the son of Northern Virginia Democratic Rep. Jim Moran, who was caught on camera coaching a man on how to commit voter fraud.

A video of Patrick Moran was posted online by a group led by conservative activist James O'Keefe. The footage showed an undercover operative masquerading as a campaign worker who told Moran he had the names of 100 registered voters who were unlikely to show up at the polls in November. The campaign worker and Moran then discussed ways to forge utility bills to use as identification and vote in their place.

Moran was working as a field director for his father's campaign at the time but swiftly resigned when the video surfaced.

Authorities said they consulted with county prosecutors and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's office in deciding not to press charges. In a release, they noted that both Morans cooperated with police and O'Keefe's organization declined to assist in the investigation.

In what was a tumultuous year for the congressman's son, the younger Moran also pled guilty to simple assault in December after a drunken fight with his girlfriend outside a Columbia Heights bar put her in the hospital. She did not press charges.

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