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WHY IS BURGER KING DOING DNA TESTING? -- The hamburger chain told Bloomberg Businessweek that it will test its meat to make sure there is no horsemeat mixed in with the beef, after reports surfaced that a meat wholesale company, Silvercrest Foods, sold beef containing horse meat to other retailers. A statement by Burger King, released to PR Newsire, said the company will test specifically for equine DNA. A company vice president for quality said that the details of the testing plan are still being worked out.

HOW DID JAILED INVESTOR BERNARD MADOFF MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS? -- A biopharmaceutical company partly owned by the Madoff family had an initial public offering last week that sold $33 million worth of stock. The New York Post reports that Madoff's initial $2.2 million investment in the company, Stemline Therapeutics, is now worth $5.5 million on paper. But the disgraced scammer's claim to the money was immediately contested by a trustee overseeing efforts of defrauded former clients to recover some of the money they lost. Madoff, 74 is serving a prison term of up to 150 years.

WHAT BAD NEWS CAME IN THE SUNDAY PAPER FOR A NEW JERSEY SENATOR? -- Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez, was strongly criticized in the state's largest newspaper, the Newark-based Star Ledger, over allegations of improper travel and parties with prostitutes. The paper, which endorsed Menendez' bid for re-election to the U.S. senate in November, said the charges raised, "serious doubts about his fitness to serve" as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The paper urged him to "break his silence and explain himself."

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