Obama to give lawmakers classified legal advice on drones

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President Obama, on the eve of the confirmation hearing for his nominee to become CIA director, has decided to share with Congress’ intelligence committees the government’s legal reasoning for conducting drones strikes against suspected American terrorists abroad, the Associated Press reported late Wednesday.

Lawmakers have long demanded to see the full document, accusing the Obama administration of stonewalling oversight efforts. Those pressures ratcheted up this week when a leaked Justice Department memo revealed general aspects about the U.S. drone war, including the revelation that clear evidence of an immediate attack was not required to kill an American citizen overseas.

Some Democrats had hinted at a possible filibuster of John Brennan, Obama’s counterterrorism adviser and nominee to lead the CIA, if the administration was not more forthcoming with information. Brennan is the architect of Obama’s unprecedented drown campaign in Pakistan.

Still, Brennan is likely to face tough questions on Thursday, particularly from Democrats increasingly wary of the president’s covert war.

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