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Storm panic hits: BofA warns 'Get Cash,' FEMA sees blackouts

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In what may be the first full digital storm panic, federal, state and business officials worried about the snow headed for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast have taken to Twitter warn that a potential disaster is coming.

Bank of America led the frenzy. "Winter Storm #Nemo may bring 2 feet of #snow to New England late Fri & Sat. Prepare now - make sure you have plenty of cash on hand."

President Obama's Federal Emergency Management Agency is directing Twitter users to #NewEngland and state emergency management agencies which are sending out distress signals to citizens. "Simple things like a @NOAA Weather Radio w/ tone alert & extra batteries could get you valuable info in an emergency," said FEMA's twitter handle @fema.

FEMA's Region One, which includes New England, raised the possibility of a blackout. "#Winter storms & #blizzards can knock out power. Make sure you have a plan for staying warm if power goes out http://www.ready.gov/blackouts," they wrote. They also recommended that citizens get food, blankets and salt to melt ice and snow.

The Boston area Shaw's and Star Market, however, took a lighter tone. "@shaws What do you make when there's a winter snow storm brewing?"

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