Talking Points: Watching TV and having children; suing the IRS; drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

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Can watching television impact your ability to have children?

Yes, say Harvard researchers, who found the more television a man watches, the lower his sperm count. College-age men who exercised more than 14 hours a week had the highest sperm counts, the scientists found, while sperm counts were almost halved for men viewing 20 or more hours of television a week. The study was published Tuesday in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

Can you sue the IRS?

Though the federal government is immune from lawsuits in some situations, Google is planning to sue the IRS over the company's 2003 or 2004 tax bill, according to its annual 10-K report, which was filed Jan. 29 with the Securities and Exchange Commission. No details were available on the grounds for such a lawsuit, but in 2011, the IRS was auditing Google's offshore deals, including how the company valued software rights and other intellectual property it licensed abroad. The company avoided about $2 billion in taxes that same year by shifting $9.8 billion in revenue to a Bermuda subsidiary.

Why has drilling been stopped at some gas and oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico?

U.S. regulators in the Interior Department have ordered some offshore operators to halt work after discovering faulty bolts on equipment used to prevent blowouts. Drilling firms must replace the bolts, which were used in some General Electric Co. equipment.

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