Obama selling White House access to wealthy donors who support Organizing for Action

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President Obama’s reorganized campaign operation is selling access to the president in return for big donations, according to the New York Times.

The group ‘Organizing for Action’ is a reorganized version of President Obama’s ‘Organizing for America’ campaign juggernaut – now a tax-exempt “advocacy” group where federal contribution limits don’t apply.

According to the Times, wealthy donors who give $500,000 or more get to join the group’s “national advisory board” which allows them to attend quarterly meetings with the president “along with other meetings at the White House.”

The group’s executive director Jon Carson explained to donors recently that the organization’s goal is to “change the conventional wisdom” on issues such as climate change, guns, and immigration.

From the Times story:

There should be “as much of a price to pay if you tick off the gun violence people” as there is for angering the N.R.A., Mr. Carson said, according to those people. “Let’s build an organization that means that Republicans are embarrassed to have climate change deniers running for office.”


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