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Letters for March 6

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Another HIV battle won, but not yet the war

Re: "Scientists: Baby born with HIV is cured after early treatment," March 4

The Mississippi baby who seems to have been cured of HIV is another battle won in the decades-long war against the world's deadliest killer. We can already stop transmission to babies if women who are HIV positive are treated during pregnancy, but treating HIV positive babies would further block this deadly disease.

To beat this scourge, we must aggressively attack all means of HIV transmission. This means promoting condom use, working with intravenous drug users and expanding access to testing and early treatment.

It also means ramping up investments in the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria (GFATM). The GFATM works with the poorest nations on the planet to address HIV transmission and deadly TB-HIV coinfection. We will not end this disease without addressing it among the poorest people in the world.

President Obama and Congress should aggressively fund the GFATM so that other nations will follow suit.

Bruno Walker


President mostly to blame for sequester

Re: "Budget cuts arrive, but few feel the pain," March 1-2

Although we do not know the extent of the consequences of sequestration, we do know that President Obama and members of Congress will notexperience furloughs or be deprived of otherbenefits and perks.Most likely, thepoor and lower middle class willbe the most negatively impacted.

Congress and the White House have had sufficient time to avoidor lessen the consequences ofsequestration, but have failed miserably.All parties played the blame game, which created bad blood but did nothing to solve the problem.

However,President Obama is mostly to blame for the failure.Individual members of Congress primarily represent their constituents, but the president represents the whole nation.Instead of uniting the nation and engendering goodwill and cooperation from his opponents,the presidenttraveled all over the nation,playing golf in Florida and demonizing and blaming the Republicans, while taking no responsibilityfor the failure.

I am a registered Democrat, and I believe that if the president truly wanted to avoid sequestration, he would have invited the leadership of both chambers of Congress to the presidential retreatin Virginia to hammer out a solution.

Ruben Moller


Illegal immigrants should not get driver's licenses

Re: "Maryland bill would allow driver's licenses for illegal immigrants," Feb. 27

The liberals in the Maryland General Assembly are at it again. Now they want to give drivers licenses to illegal undocumented immigrants.

This is the wrong way to go at a time when Maryland is furloughing and laying off state and local employees, cutting services and raising taxes. We should not spend another nickel to let illegal immigrants, who broke the law when they entered this country illegally, drive on our roads and highways.

Such a foolish act will only encourage more illegal immigrants to invade our state.

Al Eisner

Silver Spring

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