Holder to Senator: ‘I stand by’ saying I don’t respect lawmakers who censured me

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Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, scolded Attorney General Eric Holder for saying he doesn’t “respect” any of the congressmen who voted to censure him for contempt of Congress, but Holder responded by repeating the comment.

“It was an effort that had a predetermined result,” Holder said of the House of Representatives contempt vote during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing this morning. He laid some of the blame for the contempt vote on “the gun lobby,” after initially suggesting he lacked respect for the “process,” not the members of Congress.

Then he said what he really thinks. “I’ll stand by that: the people who pushed that, I don’t respect,” Holder told Grassley.

Grassley, who led the investigation into Operation Fast and Furious on the Senate side, broached the topic at the end of his questioning today.

“I’m extremely disappointed,” Grassley told Holder, saying that the comment revealed the attorney general as a “partisan” and suggesting that he regretted voting to confirm him to lead the Justice Department.




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