#OpenOurWH trends on Twitter after Fox hosts offer to pay the tab

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The Obama administration’s announcement that the White House is closed to tours because of sequestration has upset more than a disappointed class of sixth graders. Tweeting Americans everywhere are demanding the White House be opened again, after Fox anchor Eric Bolling said last night he would pick up the tab for tours.

Bolling wrote on Facebook, “Mr. President, I will pick up the tab if you reopen White House for tours. Shouldn’t the people’s house be open?”

After Bolling’s announcement, #OpenOurWH began trending on Twitter as people tweeted appreciation to Bolling and called on the Obama administration to respond.

Sean Hannity chimed in, saying he would also pay for a week of tours. The Secret Service estimates the cost of the tours at $74,000 per week.

Pretty soon, other people began offering to chip in.

“#openourwh @ericbolling open our house open the people’s house!!! I will contribute!” tweeted one.

“@ericbolling I’ve got $50 for ya! #OpenOurWH” wrote another.

So far, there doesn’t appear to be a response from the White House, even though Bolling and others included White House Press Secretary Jay Carney in their tweets.

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