Morning Examiner: Obama following Bush’s second term footsteps

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Few presidential second terms were as ineffectual as President Bush’s second term. But a new Washington Post poll shows President Obama is rapidly following in his predecessor’s footsteps.

According to The Post, Obama’s job approval as president has fallen five points to just 50 percent since he was inaugurated in January. “At 50 percent, Obama’s overall standing in the poll is lower than that of most other modern second-term presidents at this point in their terms. Of the seven second-term presidents who have been in office since Harry S. Truman, only George W. Bush had a positive rating as low as 50 percent at this stage,” The Post’s Jon Cohen writes.

Obama’s failure to produce an economic recovery is the main cause of his fall in the polls. “Seventy-three percent of those who say they sense economic growth approve of the way the president is doing his job,” The Post reports, “and an identical 73 percent of those who don’t see a recovering economy disapprove of his performance in office.” Accordingly, The Post also found that most Americans give Obama negative marks on handling the economy.

Even worse for Obama, a plurality of Americans now trust Republicans more on fiscal issues. Asked, “When it comes to finding the right balance between cutting government that is not needed and continuing government spending that is needed, who do you trust more?” 44 percent chose Republicans while just 43 percent chose Obama.

Obama got every dime of tax hikes he is ever going to get as long as Republicans control the House this January when taxes went up by $600 billion. Every second Obama spends chasing a “grand bargain” that he hopes will include more tax hikes, is a second wasted not moving on the rest of his agenda … which is not looking good either. The Gang of Ocho has made zero progress on immigration reform since January and and Senate Republicans have abandoned the Democrats on gun control as well. The best Obama can hope for over the next four years is that Obamacare does not turn out to be an epic failure and that federal courts to do not throw out the rest of his energy and financial regulatory agenda.

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