What sequester? Air Force wants taxpayers to fund fantasy football league

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What sequester? The United States Air Force is interested in spending taxpayer money to build a fantasy football program for service-members to use.

“The Air Force Personal Center Services Directorate (AFPC/SV) is seeking sources for providing the Air Force installations a Fantasy Football Program. The AFPC/SV is comprised of over 100 installations worldwide,” the Air Force posted at the Federal Business Opportunities website yesterday — almost three weeks after the sequester took effect. “The Fantasy Football Program will be accessed by all Air Force Airman, Civilians and Family Members.”

The Air Force needs “information and pricing on providing product branding, hosting, managing, and delivering all programs and materials related to running a Fantasy Football League.” The posting emphasized that the military is not seeking full business proposals at this time.

Under sequestration, “about 180,000 of its civilian personnel will face furloughs without pay,” Wired’s Spencer Ackerman notes. “They’ll have a lot of time to get ready for draft day.”

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