White House: More than an event a week on gun violence since Newtown

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Standing with gun violence victims, mothers and law enforcement officials, President Obama will hold another event at the White House on Thursday to push the White House’s proposals to reduce gun violence, including an assault weapon ban.

“The president will hold an event here at the White House where he will stand with mothers who want Congress to take action on common-sense measures to protect children from gun violence,” Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said during today’s briefing.

The Senate will be considering a package of gun control laws next month that includes expanding background checks, but doesn’t include other measures the White House has been aggressively pushing, such as an assault weapon ban and a limit on magazine capacity.

The president and Vice President Joe Biden have between them held more than one gun violence-related event every week since the shooting in Newtown, Conn., 100 days ago, Earnest said.

One reporter questioned whether the string of speeches, Google hangouts and weekly addresses have had any effect, noting the Senate left provisions out of its gun package that those events were intended to push.

Earnest pushed back, insisting the White House has made progress.

“Now, does it mean — I can’t stand here and guarantee that it’s going to pass, but it is a question that 100 senators are going to ask themselves when they wake up in the morning and look themselves in the mirror about whether or not they are going to — about which side they’re going to be on when it comes to voting on a ban on military-style assault weapons,” he said. “And the President will certainly continue to advocate for senators to support that ban.”

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