Pentagon: NKorean threats are bad for ‘North Korean military and people’

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un’s threats to attack the United States will harm no country more than his own, the Pentagon and White House suggested today.

“Our desire is peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula,” Pentagon Press Secretary George Little said today. “The North Koreans have two choices. They can choose the path of peace or they can choose the path of provocation. One is better than the other for everyone involved, including the North Korean military and the North Korean people.”

White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest made a similar comment. “As you know, there’s an ongoing military exercise that the United States military is engaged in with the South Korean military,” Earnest told reporters today.  “That should be some pretty clear evidence to the international community and to the North Koreans that we have the capability and willingness to protect our interests and allies in the region.”

North Korea has issued a series of threats in the weeks since the United Nations issued a new round of sanctions on the country following that regime’s third test of a nuclear weapon.

“They need to abandon their nuclear program,” Earnest said.  “They need to live up to their international obligations.  And upon doing so, they will be welcomed back into the international community.  That would, of course, require the regime to put the interest of their people first; to focus on their well-being, their ability to have access to food and medicine.”

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