San Diego school district offers retirement buyouts to already retired teachers

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San Diego Unified School District is so desperate to get teachers off the payroll to close a $92 million budget gap  that they’re offering a $25,000 retirement buyout to already-retired teachers.

In a deal negotiated with the teachers union, the district will expand its buyout offer to 24 teachers who retired last year if at least 100 20-year veteran teachers submit retirement papers by May 1, U-T San Diego reports.

The union said the retroactive buyouts were “a matter of equity.”

The district’s original goal with the buyout program, implemented for the 2011-2012 school year, was to get 300 teachers to retire and avoid layoffs that way, according to  U-T San Diego.  But when only 88 teachers took up the offer last year, the district expanded its buyout.

“It would have been fine for us to offer this incentive to anyone from this point forward. However, the union had concerns about equity,” said school board president John Lee Evans. “All of this is a negotiation with the union and we have an interest in making a deal that will get us closer to making the attrition plan work.”

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