Indicted Atlanta schools head told underling to probe cheating, then bury info

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Last week, 35 teachers in Atlanta Public Schools were indicted on racketeering charges for changing the answers on their students’ tests in order to ensure that they won bonuses and awards for the achievement. The corruption was both endemic and brazen, as noted by the following telling item from page 56 0f the indictment by the Fulton County, Ga., District Attorney’s Office. Beverley Hall was the superintendent of APS, Michael Pitts was one of her “school reform team leaders” and Christopher Walker was a middle school principal in the school system:

On or about the 13th day of January, 2006, BEVERLY HALL and MICHAEL PITTS received a complaint which alleged that CHRISTOPHER WALLER was falsifying student attendance and records for student participation in after school tutorial services. The complaint further alleged that CHRISTOPHER WALLER was sexually harassing female employees and pressuring teachers to cheat on the Spring 2006 CRCT at Parks Middle School. BEVERLY HALL sent a memorandum with a copy of the complaint to MILLICENT FEW, Chief Human Resources Officer for APS. The memorandum read, “Please investigate and inform me.” BEVERLY HALL scratched out the words “inform me.”

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