Rare JFK artifacts on display at Newseum


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Visitors to the Newseum will be able to view rarely-seen artifacts from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy starting Friday, including personal items owned by assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and the movie camera used to capture the Zapruder film of the shootings.

The museum at 555 Pennsylvania Ave. NW will display the items for one year in an exhibit marking the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination on Nov. 22, 1963. Artifacts on display include the clothing worn by Lee Harvey Oswald at the time of his arrest, his wallet, and the 8mm movie camera used by eyewitnesss Abraham Zapruder.

Another exhibit, called "Creating Camelot," will display 70 photographs by Kennedy's personal photographer, Jacque Lowe. The negatives of the images had been stored at the World Trade Center and were lost in the 9/11 attacks, but the Newseum recovered the images from contact sheets and prints.

In addition to the artifacts and photographs, the Newseum will also show a film about Kennedy's presidency and family life called "A Thousand Days."

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