The 3-Minute Interview: Magazine editor Charlie Heck

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Heck, a Columbia Heights resident, is editor-in-chief of Luri and Wilma, an online magazine that recently came out with its first print edition.

What made you want to start a magazine?

Three girls and I graduated from a University of North Texas Mayborn College of Journalism, and we graduated in the worst time to be journalists. One of us had the idea to create a magazine, and we said, 'That's brilliant.' We came up with this concept of an eco-magazine geared toward creative girls who went to college but who made jewelry at home or knew how to sew. Then I got offered a job in D.C. as a media relations coordinator. Luri and Wilma really found a home in D.C. I was able to find writers and stylists and people who wanted a byline. In Texas it was hard to find those kinds of people. It really took off here. Now we have four interns, a stylist, seven contributors, a photographer.

Why a print edition?

There's nothing like something you can hold in your hands. We are planning a huge Kickstarter campaign, and we are hopefully going to go to print four times a year.

What do you think is behind the do-it-yourself, crafting movement you write about?

What I think is interesting about the economy that myself and a lot of others were thrown into after graduation was that the jobs we wanted either did not exist or were the first to go. So instead of completely giving up on what we wanted to do with our lives, we decided to do it on our own. The Internet definitely helps with the DIY -- Pinterest, Tumblr. The creative people who weren't able to go into the creative jobs they wanted now have these platforms. Plus we want really cute stuff, and we can't afford to buy it, so we try to make it.

-- Liz Essley

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