Talking Points: NFL Draft, WHCA scholarships and flying Boston's flag

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What happens to football players who aren't drafted?

The National Football League's teams drafted 254 players during a seven-round, three-day selection process. But for the players who don't get selected in New York, there's still a chance to see the professional gridiron as teams pick up free agents and hold tryout camps. Some might opt to play in other leagues. But "undrafted" is not synonymous with "dead-end player" because some of the NFL's biggest stars were spurned at first. Kurt Warner, who was twice the league's MVP, spent a few years playing in the Arena Football League before the St. Louis Rams signed him in 1998. In January 2000, he was the quarterback of the Super Bowl-winning Rams squad.

Does the White House Correspondents' Association really give away scholarships at its fancy dinner?

Before President Obama and comedian Conan O'Brien told jokes Saturday night to a Washington Hilton ballroom packed with politicians, celebrities and reporters, the White House Correspondents' Association presented $130,000 in scholarships to 16 college and high school students. Three Howard University students were among the recipients, as were two D.C. high school students. The association also presented awards to several journalists for their political reporting.

Why was Boston's flag flying at D.C. City Hall?

With the District hosting the Boston Bruins on Saturday and a half-marathon on Sunday, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray opted to fly Boston's flag at the John A. Wilson Building "in solidarity" with Massachusetts' capital. It wasn't the first time during the Gray administration that another major city's flag appeared at the Wilson Building. Seattle's standard appeared in January after Gray lost a bet with that city's mayor about the outcome of the Redskins-Seahawks playoff matchup.

-- Alan Blinder

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