Washington loves stars from Washington-based shows

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In the "alternative universe" of the Garden Brunch, President Fitzgerald Grant reigns. "There's a president here?" party host Tammy Haddad gushed before introducing the "Scandal" star, actor Tony Goldwyn, to an excited crowd at the pre-White House Correspondents' Dinner event Saturday in Georgetown.

Goldwyn was among a number of actors who Washington was going gaga over because of being attached to D.C.-based shows.

The "House of Cards" cast also got a lot of attention. "We did have someone yell while we were walking down the street last night, 'Russo for Governor,' " said screenwriter Beau Willimon as he chatted with reporters alongside cast members Constance Zimmer, Michael Kelly and Corey Stoll, who played Congressman Peter Russo. Eventually, a sunglasses-clad Kevin Spacey joined the group, too.

Actor Navid Negahban, who spent the weekend alongside CNN's Dana Bash, was a fan favorite despite playing "Homeland" terrorist leader Abu Nazir. As was actress Morena Baccarin, who plays Jessica Brody on the Showtime show. She wanted to discuss "Homeland" with President Obama, who is a fan of the show. "I want to ask him if he gets any ideas," she said.

"Scandal" star Goldwyn wanted to chat with the actual POTUS, too, but for other reasons. "I want to apologize for the president that I'm portraying," Goldwyn laughed. "No reflection on him."

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