Rebel Wilson gets tangled in escalator during WHCD

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High heels, open bars and the treacherously skinny escalators at the Washington Hilton made a mess of actress and comedian Rebel Wilson at Saturday night's White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Wilson said she rolled her ankle coming off the circulating belt. "I had a long dress on, and the long dress kind of got caught in the shoe and, yep, just fell over -- it was very embarrassing," Wilson said Wednesday during an interview on 94.7 Fresh FM's Tommy Show. "I'm just like terrible in high heels, and because that's such a classy event, I couldn't wear sneakers in to the White House Correspondents' Dinner, and then they had free alcohol and stuff in there," she continued.

After her tumble, she was invited to join the Washington Post's predinner reception, where she was introduced to members of Congress. "At one point, I pretended to be the princess of Australia, that was taking it too far," she noted, adding that some people actually thought she was serious. "Yeah, I said I don't have corgis like the queen, I just have some bushpigs."

The trouble didn't end there. After the dinner, Wilson headed to the French ambassador's residence for the Vanity Fair/Bloomberg afterparty. "You know when you go to people's houses and you just want to go through their stuff?" she asked. "I tried to do that, but then there was lots of Secret Servicemen and serious security, so I was like -- I better not."

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