Redskins seek late-round value in Brandon Jenkins and Jawan Jamison

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Jenkins, Jamison offer underrated skills

Scouting reports are adapted from John Keim's Redskins Confidential report after watching multiple games of each of Washington's draft picks. Today: Fifth-round pick Brandon Jenkins, a linebacker from Florida State, and seventh-round pick Jawan Jamison, a running back from Rutgers.

Scouting reports

Brandon Jenkins

Position » Linebacker

College » Florida State

Draft pick » 162 (fifth round)

Height » 6-foot-2

Weight » 251 pounds

Jenkins said he did not have as strong a year in 2011 as he did in 2010 in part because he felt heavier. Having watched games from both seasons, there's no doubt he ran better in 2010 than in 2011. I'd watched a couple games from his 2011 season and then put on another game. He looked fast enough that I checked the date to see if it was the same year; it wasn't, instead it was the bowl game against Notre Dame after the previous season. It wasn't just a burst off the line, it was the ability to make plays down the line or to help on plays downfield. In 2011, he ran heavier. We're only talking 10 or so pounds, but it did make a difference.

Jenkins did show the ability to change directions quickly -- he recorded some sacks off stunts because of this -- and he does a good job staying with the play until it's over. Because of his quick first step, ability to turn the corner and flexibility, he'd have definitely gone higher than the fifth. The Lisfranc injury this past year altered his status without a doubt.

Jawan Jamison

Position » Running back

College » Rutgers

Draft pick » 228 (seventh round)

Height » 5-foot-7

Weight » 203 pounds

What makes him dangerous is his agility in the open field -- will that remain a strength in the NFL against higher-quality athletes? Fifth-round pick Chris Thompson, in comparison, is more explosive, but Jamison's elusiveness and vision will help him. Several times, defenders were left lunging at air after one of his moves. I couldn't find information on whether he played high school basketball, but some of his moves in the open field were the football equivalent of a crossover dribble, based on his footwork.

Jamison did a nice job picking up blitzes. Actually, a very nice job. He particularly excelled at protecting the edge against outside linebackers. When Jamison engaged them, he had a strong base, kept his head up and could deliver a good pop. He stayed balanced. When he picked up a blitz through the middle, Jamison was not as stout, but he sidetracked the linebacker enough to buy the quarterback enough time to throw. Considering he did not handle this role as a redshirt freshman, it's impressive how he looked.

Jamison's hands were solid and he ran more than just screens, with some wheel routes and downfield routes as well. He caught a touchdown pass on a wheel route in which the defensive back had no clue where the ball was and Jamison jumped and reached over his head for the catch. Jamison could prove to be quite a find.

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