Tea Party group compiles clip of Obama calling its finances into question

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Americans for Prosperity, a leading conservative small-government group, compiled the above clip of President Obama attacking them and calling their finances into question. AFP was one of the groups that the Internal Revenue Service was pressing Tea Party groups to explain their affiliation with.

A January 2012 letter by the IRS specifically asks an unnamed group: “Regarding Americans for Prosperity: a) explain your relationship; b) provide copies of  any contacts with AFP; c) describe the training program provided by AFP;  d) provide copies of the training material.”

AFP has been the subject of particular scrutiny by groups on the Left due to its grass-roots activism and its connection to the Koch brothers, the wealthy libertarian-conservative philanthropists.

In a statement, Tim Phillips, president of AFP said:

The connection between Obama’s rhetoric and IRS action seems more than coincidental. It points to a clear agenda to silence those who oppose Obama’s big-government policies like Obamacare, Cap & Trade, and the failed Stimulus. Today Obama acknowledged the abuse taking place under his watch, but he needs to apologize to the American people who were targeted, take direct responsibility, and demand a full investigation.


Irs Letter to Americans for Prosperity

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