How many businessmen feel about Washington

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If you run in libertarian and conservative circles, you constantly hear the complaint that business doesn’t do enough to defend free enterprise.

One reason: The biggest businesses are mostly public corporations run by managers rather than entrepreneurs, and which are already in bed with government.

But why don’t the entrepreneurs — the ladies and gentlemen who believe in their company, their service, or their product — come to Washington more and say, “Get off our backs”?

One reason: They detest Washington.

To that effect, check out this quote [via Bloomberg] from a businessman in Mark Zuckerberg’s lobbying group:

“It’s a really gnarly, gnarly thing having to deal with Washington,” venture investor and co-founder Chamath Palihapitiya said at a conference last month. “I’m glad that other people other than me are dealing with it who have the patience and the resolve to figure it out.”

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