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Obamacare poll is even worse than it looks

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Guy Benson points to a new Fox poll with findings that he describes as “brutal” for President Obama’s health care law. Specifically, Benson highlights this question:

22. Do you think it would be better to leave the new health care law in place, or would it be better to go back to the health care system that was in place in 2009?

Better to keep law: 34 percent
Better to go back to previous system: 56 percent

Those numbers are bad enough on the surface, but they’re even worse when compared with polling data from 2009, which shows that Americans weren’t exactly thrilled with the status quo. In a Pew survey taken in June 2009, in the early stages of Obama’s health care push, 30 percent of Americans said they thought the health care system required “fundamental changes” and 41 percent responded that it needed to be “completely rebuilt.” In other words, in 2009, 71 percent of Americans thought that the health care system was so bad that it needed at least a major overhaul. Now, a majority of Americans are saying that they’d rather go back to life under that crappy 2009 system than be forced to live under Obamacare.

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