New Obamacare application separates Latinos from other 'races'

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The new Obamacare application for employees separates Latinos from the traditional race category, offering six different types of Hispanic classifications.

The application for small business workers on line 22 asks workers: "If Hispanic/Latino, ethnicity (OPTIONAL--Check all that apply.) Mexican; Mexican American; Chicano/a; Puerto Rican; Cuban; Other."

All others are lumped into question 23. "Race (OPTIONAL--Check all that apply.) White; Filipino; Vietnamese; Guamanian or Chamorro Black; Black or African American; American Indian or Alaska Native; Japanese; Other Asian; Samoan; Asian Indian; Korean; Native Hawaiian; Other Pacific Islander; Chinese; Other."

It doesn't explain why there are two categories.

It also first offers applicants to use their "preferred spoken or written language."

The application is very easy to fill out and the administration believes it will take just 10 minutes to complete.