Talking Points for June 4: Meat 'copter, VERY big fridge, living with veggies

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How did a flooded Alaska town stave off a potential invasion of bears?

Officials in Galena, Alaska, hired a helicopter to ferry meat. They were not trying to entice the bears away but keep a huge amount of spoiled meat from drawing the critters to the trash cans of residents. The remote village had been hit by power outages and many of the 500 residents had their food spoil. With the road washed out there was no other way to get the meat to a safe disposal site.

Speaking of refrigerators -- what's the deal with the huge fridge for sale on eBay?

The massive cold-storage unit is big all right. In fact, you could say the steel morgue refrigerator is large enough for a family of four. Now located at the Manhattan psychiatric hospital it is being offered for sale by New York's Office of General Services. Bidding on Saturday afternoon was up to $475 for the four-drawer unit, but that price did not include delivery. Buyers, who have until June 6 to bid, have to be willing to remove the fridge themselves.

Can a vegetarian diet really help you live longer?

Yes. But in yet another example of life's inherent unfairness men get better results. Researchers, who studied more than 70,000 Seventh-day Adventists for an average of six years, found that vegetarians (including those who also added seafood or dairy and egg products to their diet) had an average 12 percent lower chance of dying from any cause than meat-eaters. They also found that male vegetarians were less likely to die from heart disease than non-vegetarians, while there were no similar results in women. The results were published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

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