Dan Savage sips Mai Tais, talks Santorum

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After three Mai Tais syndicated "Savage Love" columnist Dan Savage gets a tad out of hand. "Because I'm a lightweight," he laughed. "And when I'm drunk and there's a microphone in front of me, I get in all sorts of trouble."

Savage chose to make trouble at an appearance Sunday night at the W Hotel in downtown Washington as he promoted his latest book, "American Savage."

The openly-gay sex columnist complimented our fair city. "I have a ton of friends here. People are smart here, buildings are low here. There's plenty of tormented closeted Republican staffers here," Savage said. (The rest of what he had to say about said staffers is not suitable for print).

He also gave advice on how to get a letter into "Savage Love," which appears locally in the Washington City Paper. "I'm super lazy and a stoner and they've legalized marijuana in Washington State, and here's the thing," he began. "I write my column on Friday mornings, if you really want your question answered -- 7 a.m., Friday morning, you send me that question -- it is at the top of the pile."

Savage also noted how he still has never met his political archnemesis, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum. A decade ago, after Santorum compared same-sex relations to beastiality, Savage and his readers gave Santorum a "Google Problem." They gave Santorum's last name a purposely disgusting definition, which appeared high up on the lawmaker's search results.

Before Santorum's run for president in 2012, Savage tried tracking the senator down at the Conservative Political Action Conference and the Republican National Convention for a photobomb. "I would always find out that he had just left where I arrived and arrived where I'd left, everywhere I went," Savage said. Now that Savage appears on television regularly, he thinks a Santorum meet-up would be a bad idea. "I'm sure Santorum would like to scream and yell at me and then post the video -- edited -- not allowing me to scream and yell at him back," Savage said.

That being said, there may be plenty of opportunities for a run-in during the run-up to the next presidential election. "He's running for president in 2016, he could get the nomination," Savage said. "Which would be the best thing to happen to the Democrats."

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