Ted Cruz: Obama targeting enemies, can't be trusted

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday decried the spread of unaccountable federal agencies like the IRS and National Security Agency caught prying into American lives, charging that President Obama's promise that his administration isn't snooping on citizens can't be trusted.

What's more, Cruz said that by spreading a broad net to include average Americans in its search for terrorists via the NSA, the administration missed catching actual U.S. enemies such as the Boston Marathon bombers and the Fort Hood, Texas killer.

"It may well be that the administration is focusing more energy on casting the net wide and invading the privacy of law abiding-Americans rather than targeting the bad guys, targeting actual terrorists," Cruz said after addressing a Federalist Society conference focused on the expansion of the executive branch.

Referring to the Boston and Texas cases, he said that "the administration was well aware of the terrorists long before the act of terrorism was committed, had significant cause to investigate further, and for whatever reason dropped the ball."

During the Federalist Society's First Annual Executive Branch Review Conference, Cruz slapped the expansion of agencies, calling them a threat to liberty. To reporters after his morning address at the National Press Club, he blasted the IRS and NSA affairs as examples of the administration abusing its power and creating a situation where Americans can't trust their government.

"Much of the response of the Obama administration to date has essentially been, 'trust us,' and given the pattern of misconduct that we have seen with the IRS and given the pattern that we've seen throughout the administration, their past actions do not engender trust," Cruz said.

Cruz, a leading voice of the new conservative and Tea Party corps in the Senate, said that the "IRS scandal fits into a broader pattern that we have seen from this administration of, number one, a willingness to use the machinery of the federal government to target those who are perceived to be political enemies, and, number two, an unfortunate willingness to mislead and be less than honest with the American people. Both of those go straight the question of trust and credibility."

He added: "The question naturally arises, 'What other info what other power are you willing to abuse?"