Marco Rubio uses Miami Heat to sell immigration reform

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During the Senate debate on immigration reform Tuesday afternoon, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., used the Miami Heat basketball team as an analogy for immigration reform.

“You know we’re in the NBA finals, which by the way the Miami Heat won game two in resounding fashion, and we’re very happy about that, we’ll see what happens tonight,” Rubio said earnestly. “But imagine for a second – if there was now the hottest basketball player in the country, played at some college in the United States, 6 foot 10, never misses a shot, just an unbelievable player. Do you think in your wildest dreams that we would ever let that person go play in Italy or Spain or some other country?”

Rubio argued that Americans should open up the immigration system to accept more skilled workers into American companies, just as a professional sports team would fight to keep the best players.

“My question to you is, if that’s how we approach sports, which is important, I guess, but it’s a game, shouldn’t that be the way we approach our economy?” Rubio asked.



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