Democrats use court ruling on voting rights to raise quick cash

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Congressional Democrats expressed outrage Tuesday over the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to derail a key component of the Voting Rights Act, but at party headquarters, it's already a fundraising rallying cry.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee immediately wrote to donors asking for $3 to "help us pressure Republicans in Congress to take action to protect voting rights."

"As of today, the landmark civil rights legislation NO LONGER fully protects minority voters from state-enacted voter suppression laws  especially in the South  as it has effectively done for nearly 4 decades," the email says. "Today's decision is a serious blow to democracy."

The DCCC also set up a page on its website devoted to the cause.

The Supreme Court invalidated a provision in the landmark Voting Rights Act that required nine states and some localities to get Justice Department clearance before changing voting laws or drawing new election-district lines. As recently as 2006, the law was reaffirmed by a bipartisan majority of lawmakers.

During a press conference in the Capitol, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., called the decision to strike down the 50-year legislation "a dark day in the Supreme Court."

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