Rick Santorum gives strongest indication yet he's running in 2016

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Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, the darling of evangelical Christians and blue collar voters in the 2012 GOP primaries, has given his strongest sign so far that he plans a repeat presidential run in 2016

Appearing on the Andrea Tantaros Show, a nationally syndicated radio program, Santorum said Wednesday that he is "very open" to a second bid and is using his new perch as the chairman of faith-based film maker EchoLight Studios to build a socially conservative platform to run on.

"I think this is probably a pretty good way to spend my time and energy potentially between two runs," he told Tantaros.

He added that his new job has "not in any way changed my thinking on running again in 2016. I'm very open to that. In fact some of the work I'm doing at the movie studio is actually in concert with that."

In the interview, he also rapped lawmakers like Sen. Marco Rubio, another potential 2016 candidate, for pushing immigration reform that leads to amnesty. He said that is "not going to go over well in a Republican primary."

EchoLight plans to produce movies with a strong moral message.

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