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HuffPo Poll: 59 percent support 20-week abortion ban

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Fifty-nine percent of Americans support banning abortions past 20 weeks (five months), including 41 percent who strongly favor doing so, according to a survey conducted for the Huffington Post. Just 30 percent of respondents oppose such a law, with 21 percent strongly opposing.

The numbers are much closer on the more general issue of whether abortion should be legal at all. Nineteen percent believe abortion should always be legal, with 27 percent saying legal with some restrictions. Meanwhile, 17 percent said abortion should always be illegal, with 30 percent saying illegal except in special circumstances.

The question of morality found that 49 percent find abortion morally wrong, with just 12 percent thinking abortion is morally acceptable. 24 percent believe it is not a moral issue.

The good sign for pro-abortion advocates is that 63 percent of the Huffington Post respondents believe "decisions on abortion should be made by a woman and her doctor," while just 26 percent believe the government should pass restrictions.

So, responders support banning abortion beyond five months but don't want the government involved in that decision?

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