David Vitter mulls run for governor in Louisiana

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Sen. David Vitter plans to spend the holidays mulling over a possible run for Louisiana governor in 2015 and isn't shy about his desire to see Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu defeated in 2014.

Vitter, a Republican, said on C-SPAN's “Newsmakers” that he and his wife would weigh his political future and come to a decision sometime in January. Vitter also didn't hesitate to acknowledge that he hopes Landrieu loses her re-election. Landrieu is a Democrat, but Senate comity often dictates that members from the same state mute their criticism of each other. That wasn't the case here.

“She's helping drive the country in the wrong direction, in my opinion, including by helping elect [Majority Leader] Harry Reid [D-Nev.] to lead the Senate, including by supporting ultra-liberals who disagree with the mainstream of Louisiana thought.”

Landrieu, now in her third term, has been successful over the years in conservative-leaning Louisiana. She won re-election in 2002, a great mid-term year for the Republicans, and held off a GOP challenger in 2008. Vitter said he works well with Landrieu on Louisiana issues but that they clash on national issues, like Obamacare.

Meanwhile, Vitter said that he expects Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a fellow Republican, to run for president in 2016. The senator was blunt in his assessment that Jindal wants to be president.

“I think that’s very obvious to everybody that’s paying attention,” Vitter said. “I do think he’ll run, I think he’s been running. And I think he’ll be a meaningful and significant candidate.”

Vitter declined to say whether he’d support Jindal for president, but said he respects him and agrees with the governor's values.

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