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Ted Cruz: Obama, Harry Reid covering up 'lawlessness' by packing federal appeals court

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Sen. Ted Cruz believes that President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are deliberately trying to pack the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit in order to escape the scrutiny of their "lawless" government actions.

In an interview with Fox News host Shannon Bream that aired Sunday, Cruz said that Reid "broke his word" about exercising the nuclear option in the Senate.

"The reason he did that is because the Democrats are very concerned about courts holding this administration accountable for their lawlessness," Cruz said, pointing out that the D.C. Circuit is the court which hears appeals of challenges to federal regulations and other executive branch actions.

"This was all about them wanting to pack the D.C. Circuit with judges that President Obama and Democrats think will rubberstamp the president's lawlessness," Cruz said.

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