Rick Santorum says colleges ruining America; plans 2016 campaign book

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Former Republican presidential candidate, conservative Rick Santorum, is edging closer to another bid, declaring war on organizations like liberal colleges he says are ruining the country, and agreeing to pen a 2016-focused book aimed at blue collar workers once dubbed “Reagan Democrats.”

Regnery Publishing told Secrets that they will release Santorum's new book, “Blue Collar Conservatives,” in the spring.

“Santorum will address the plight of America’s working families today. A champion of the manufacturing sector, he outlines how a Republican Party dedicated to hardworking families, local communities, and small-town values can assemble a winning coalition,” said Regnery of the upcoming book.

The former Pennsylvania senator hit a populist tone in his 2012 GOP primary bid, and with his new book he will pursue that further as he nudges the Republican Party to foster support among middle- and low-income workers.

He has taken that campaign on the road recently to conservative groups, including a recent speech at the Ronald Reagan Ranch operated by the Young America's Foundation, during which he found a new target -- liberal colleges.

“How many people give money to their colleges and universities that go out and systematically try to transform our young people who go there into card-carrying liberals? Stop it. Stop giving them money. Stop funding the destruction of our country. Stop it,” he said in a video YAF posted on their Facebook page.

“This is serious,” warned Santorum in a theme he’d likely carry into a campaign. “We could could lose America. It’s not what it used to be.”

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