Liberal American lobbyists pay Canadian Indian chief to oppose oil development

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Liberal American lobbyists paid an Indian chief in Canada $55,000 to oppose the development of oil sands, which are expected to produce the oil that the Keystone XL pipeline would export if President Obama approves it for construction.

Allan Adam is the mayor, or chief, of Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation. "The Tides Foundation put $55,000 into the bank account of a mayor to get him to take a particular political position," Ezra Levant observed in the Toronto Sun. "Depending on what Tides was getting [Adam] to do, the payment might well have been a bribe. But we won't know, because no one is talking about the $55,000 payment."

Tides is one of the major liberal money sources in the United States, committed to "principles of social justice, broadly shared economic opportunity, a robust democratic process, and sustainable environmental practices," according to its mission statement.

"How is it acceptable that a foreign lobby group can simply deposit cash into a bank account of a Canadian politician? Who else is being paid cash to oppose the oil sands?" Levant asked.

"Tides partners with funders and projects to support 501(c)3 nonprofit efforts to shift public policy," the website states. "We ensure compliance with all regulatory restrictions regarding the direct funding of lobbying. For funders able to contribute directly to 501(c)4 organizations, Tides has a partnership with The Advocacy Fund."

Adam received the money, according to Levant, through an intermediate business. Tides sent the $55,000 to Alberta Ltd., a company owned by Acden Group Ltd. "Adam and other band politicians were directors and shareholders," Levant noted.

Levant explained that Adam appeared at an anti-oil sands event with singer Neil Young. "Without Adam, this would have just been some California millionaires coming up here to boss Canadians around," he wrote.

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