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Multi-state gas station skimming ring broken up

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What if you could have your credit card information stolen just by using it -- to buy gas at a gas station?

It's a practice called "skimming," and 13 people have been indicted in what authorities describe as a multi-state skimming ring that stole credit card information. from gas pumps in Texas, Georgia and South Carolina, Wired's Threat Level blog reports.

Skimming involves the placement of a tiny device connected to the credit card reader on the gas pumps. When a customer puts their card in the slot to pay for gas, the skimmer device reads the card's information, too, and stores it for later collection by criminals.

Kim Zetter reports:

Between March 2012 to March 2013, they used forged cards embossed with the stolen account data to withdraw cash at ATMs in Manhattan, then deposited the money into bank accounts in New York. Co-conspirators in California and Nevada then withdrew the money from ATMs in those states. During that year, the defendants allegedly laundered about $2.1 million.

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