Like Doge and want to know the weather? You're in luck

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Wow, what a night. Now you’re just waking up, gathering your thoughts, planning your day. The window, closed from last night, gives no indication about the world outside. Is it even still there?

Such a question must be answered, so, bleary eyed, you reach for your computer, because really, how else are you going to know what’s going on outside? Actually going outside? Please.

Weather knowledge is necessary to plan your day, but is so stodgy and the font on your phone is too small. Maybe you have an app on your computer that tells you, but again, that's no fun.

So, unhappy with the typical weather choices, you want something new, something that speaks to your particular brand of nonsensical humor.

Doge. You need Doge to tell you the weather. And now it can. uses the iconic Doge meme, complete with floating, colorful text in Comic Sans, to inform you what the weather is in your area.

Much like other things involving Doge (see: Dogecoin), Doge Weather has taken off in popularity -- even the International Business Times wrote about the website. And of course it's on reddit.

Winter. It’s winter outside. But how wintry is it? Thanks to Doge Weather, I know that it’s 14 degrees in the District of Columbia. It’s also “wow overcast clouds” and “such boring” out.

Doge Weather contains the face of Doge, a Shiba Inu, and changes depending on the weather. Since it is “wow overcast clouds” in the District, the dog's face appears as a cloud in the middle of the page. If it were raining outside, the dog would be wearing a raincoat, or have an umbrella over its head.

The website was inspired by Drake Weather, which, as you can imagine, combines an image of singer Drake and the weather report.

The website’s creators, web designers Katia Eirin and Bennett Wong, request Dogecoins as tips to keep the website running.

Asked why they decided to create Doge Weather, Wong responded, "Why not?"

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