Cryptocurrencies and porn: An affair made for Washington politicos

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Hey, politicians, are you tired of getting your porn stash noticed by the media? Well, Dogecoin and Australian porn star Angela White are here to meet your needs.

White recently took to reddit (because, of course) to ask for assistance in setting up a payment system using Dogecoin for her porn website.

“I believe cryptocurrencies may be the future of online purchases, especially for adult-related products where consumers are often concerned about anonymity,” White told the Washington Examiner.

It's the anonymity that should perk up politicians' ears. The ability to hide one's financial transactions would be a boon to those who don't want to get caught perusing the naughty and for those looking to regulate cryptocurrencies.

“Cryptocurrencies offer more anonymity and eliminate the need to collect personal information from the consumer,” White said. “This makes consumers feel more comfortable, and also removes the subscription paper trail on a joint credit card statement.”

But why Dogecoin and not, say, Bitcoin, which is much more popular? White said the Dogecoin community is what attracted her to the cryptocurrency.

“Much fun. Such community. Wow. I was never interested in any cryptocurrencies until Dogecoin made it fun and accessible,” White said. “There's a community aspect to the Doge that I really like. The community doesn't take itself too seriously despite Dogecoin becoming a serious currency.”

White said she first heard about cryptocurrencies from the person who introduced her to reddit, but was “never inspired enough” to research digital currencies or incorporate them into her website until she discovered Dogecoin.

White “immediately fell in love with the Doge.”

White isn’t the only one who believes cryptocurrencies are the future of online purchases, especially for the porn industry. David Kay, marketing director of Sagan, the parent company of, believes that porn will be a “killer app” for cryptocurrencies – specifically Bitcoin., one of the most expensive domain names ever sold, started accepting Bitcoin as payment in December 2013. The digital currency almost immediately accounted for 10 percent of payment for the website's premium services. In January, after a post on reddit's Bitcoin subreddit, Bitcoin shot up to 50 percent of's sales, and leveled off at about 25 percent.

Asked whether White would accept other cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, she said she'd consider it.

“I need to do more research on Sexcoin," she said. "I do worry about the value of a coin that may have limited or restricted use, but until I do more research I will reserve my judgment.”

Sexcoin is another cryptocurrency marketed for the porn industry. It's pretty much like any other cryptocurrency, reportedly much faster - useful for when someone needs porn right away.

Since posting on reddit, White said she received great advice and offers to assist her in setting up Dogecoin as a payment system for her website.

“The reddit community has been beyond helpful,” White said. “I'm now going through all of the advice to figure out the best way to incorporate Dogecoin. I've even had coders and developers offering their services to help implement a payment system.”

Wow. Such community. Much help. So Dogecoin.

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